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Landmark agreement for Green Cement Project in South Australia

Port Augusta, a city known for its historical significance in the energy and industry sector, is poised to enter a new era with a groundbreaking agreement between the South Australian Government, Hallett Group, and Korean companies Elecseed and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power.

Under an innovative plan put forth by Hallett Group, fly ash from the former Playford B and Northern Power Stations in Port Augusta, and slag from Nyrstar’s Port Pirie operation, will be transformed into green cement. This move marks a significant step towards sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact in the region.

To further support this eco-friendly endeavor, Korean-Australian green hydrogen specialist Elecseed and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, a major energy company in Korea, will collaborate to build a 6 MW hydrogen electrolyser at the site of the former power stations. This hydrogen electrolyser will play a crucial role in the cement processing, aligning with South Australia’s ambitious $593 million Hydrogen Jobs Plan and solidifying the region’s position as a prominent hydrogen hub.

The signing of a Statement of Cooperation between the Government of South Australia, Hallett Group, Elecseed, and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, signifies a strong commitment to this game-changing project. For Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, this project represents a strategic entry point to develop their green hydrogen business in both Australia and Korea.

The Hallett Group’s $125 million initiative, supported by a $20 million Federal Government grant, is projected to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with cement manufacturing. Moreover, it is expected to create 50 full-time, ongoing jobs and generate hundreds of additional employment opportunities during the construction phase.

Construction is set to commence in the early second half of 2024, ushering in a new chapter in Port Augusta’s journey towards sustainable energy and industrial practices.