Hydrogen Renewable Energy Park

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Cement Production Decarbonisation through Green Hydrogen

그린수소를 통한 탈탄소화

Comprising a 12MW Solar Farm and 6MW Hydrogen Facility for the production of Green Cement.

A research & development facility to stimulate education, supply chain, offtake partnerships, and knowledge sharing.

Support from international companies, Hydrogen Green Cement is a steppingstone to large scale Hydrogen production.


About the Project

One of the world’s leading cement decarbonisation projects has advanced today with the finalisation of a Statement of Cooperation between the South Australian Government, Hallett Group and Korean energy companies. 

Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co (KHNP), one of Korea’s biggest energy companies, the Korean-Australian green hydrogen specialist Elecseed, Hallett and South Australian Energy and Mining Minister Tom Koutsantonis signed an agreement in support of a green hydrogen project to support Hallett Group’s $125 million green cement transformation project.

In parallel, KHNP, Elecseed and Hallett, the largest integrated supplier of building and construction materials in South Australia, signed a statement of cooperation that aims to reduce Australia’s total carbon dioxide emissions by 1 per cent annually through the generation and use of green hydrogen. 

Cement manufacturing accounts for 8 per cent of global carbon emissions a year, mostly through the heating of limestone to create the main ingredient, called clinker. Australia consumes about 12 million tonnes of cementitious products annually, with round half of this imported.

Elecseed-KHNP will build a 12MW solar farm, battery energy storage system and 6MW hydrogen electrolysis plant at Hallett’s Port Augusta facility to power the heating and drying of up to one million tonnes a year of lower-carbon substitutes for clinker. These ingredients include historic waste flyash from the former Port Augusta power station and materials from the Nyrstar Port Pirie multimetals smelter. 

This decarbonised cement will be used locally in construction, roads and mining and could create a new export industry for South Australia based at a new distribution facility that Hallett is building at Port Adelaide. The parties are also investigating the potential for hydrogen to decarbonise Hallett’s truck fleet. 

The Statement of Cooperation sets out the commitment of the South Australian Government and industry partners to work together to accelerate the development of South Australia’s hydrogen economy and fast track the global transition to clean energy. The statement focuses on deepening trade relationships and supply capabilities, growing a globally competitive hydrogen export sector, enabling the industries of the future and developing near-term domestic markets. 

The multimillion-dollar MoU brings together KHNP, Elecseed and Hallett to produce green hydrogen on site. KHNP and Elecseed will manage development of the project and undertake an engineering study to conclude technical details ahead of construction, and whilst contribute hydrogen expertise. The Korean consortium will fund the development, which will lead to a long-term energy supply agreement with Hallett.

Elecseed Pty Ltd is a privately owned Korean-Australian green hydrogen developer, whose investment partner in South Australia, KHNP, is one of Korea’s biggest energy providers and wholly owned by the Korea Government power company KEPCO. 

Due to Korea’s physical nature and climate, its ability to produce green hydrogen is limited within its own shores. Korea has therefore turned its attention in seeking to invest internationally in the production of Green Hydrogen with friendly nations who do have the natural resources and skills available, such as Australia.

hydrogen cement plant

SA Government Support

South Australia is well placed for renewable hydrogen production with significant renewable energy resources, available land, and ports ideally located to support potential hydrogen exports.

The South Australian Government is committed to working with the private sector to accelerate the production, use and export of hydrogen as part of South Australia’s plan for economic recovery.

Hydrogen production will:

The project is supported by the South Australian Government who are signatories to the Statement of Cooperation signed in 2023 and a segway to larger scale production in the future.

Port Augusta

Formerly a seaport, it is a road traffic and railway junction city. It is mainly located on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf immediately south of the gulf’s head and about 322 kilometres (200 mi) north of the state capital, Adelaide. The suburb of Port Augusta West is located on the west side of the gulf on the Eyre Peninsula.

Port Augusta is at the head of Spencer Gulf, a natural barrier to land transport, so the city is considered to be the “crossroads of Australia”, the junction of major road and rail links.

It’s location makes it perfect for developing a product ready for shipping or movement via water or road both nationally and internationally.

Working with our partners, to change the world for the better.



We are living in a significant time as nations and companies decarbonise their assets to meet aligned global targets and provide for a cleaner future.

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